Men and More

The Races of Men


Originally hailing from the hot savannahs beyond the Kolvak Ridge in the east, the Hanavari are a tall, dark skinned people, with a rich tradition slowly consumed in the hegemony of the Empire.


Considered by many to be the “standard” people of the Empire, the Kulavara are a fair to olive-skinned people who managed to be at the center of the encroaching Pall.


Their origins lying in the Nulavra Islands in the north, the Nuari are a proud people who were the first to be ousted from their homelands. Smaller in frame than Kulvara, their skin a slightly yellow, or golden tint more than pale.


A strange albino people hailing from the Stormwall Region in the distant south, they are often met with suspicion or superstition because of the almost cream-white in their skin and hair, or the often pink coloring of their eyes.

The Races Who Were Not Men


A species known for their beauty and grace, who once hailed from the Bolavra Marches, which lay on the borders of the Dreamlands. They are considered noble and artful creatures, who are sought after as consorts and companions.


Once called Ogres when their Broketooth Mountains were unthreatened, the brutes of the Gavrel have come down and found employ and life among Men. Sought after as laborers or warriors by nobility, the Gavrel seem to be largely apathetic to claims of status.


The howling hunters of the Volfaren once called the western Nevalin Plains home. A society of hunters, their natural skills as trackers and their powerful noses have become useful to cities in the employ of magistrates and bounty hunters.


Poorly thought of, and oft ignored, the Xhava were the first race to live among and around Men, and the least truly accepted. They are filth-mongers and often seen as spreaders of plague and disease, but their dietary needs make them excellent at disposing of society’s waste.

Men and More

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