Born in the Pits

You were born in the pits of the Duvalram Arena, a thick and heavy Gladiatorial Circus that costs the lives of many every week. Your parents were likely slaves, or you were the child of rape by a guard or, possibly, a Patron nobleman. Regardless, you are either a bastard or an orphan, brought up among the smell of blood, sweat, and struggle.

Your early life is hard, but you are no coward, nor are you easily put to the knee. You’ve heard the crowds cheer for you when you win, and cheer against you win you lose, and you know the sounds you prefer. You took your first life by the age of ten, and likely not in the arena. It is likely you were introduced to sex before blood, as many of the denizens of the pits are little better than animals.

Getting Out of the Pits

Die Roll Event Effect (If Any)
1 Retired on Injury Lost Limb
2-3 Runaway from the Pits +1 Urban Survival
4-5 Drafted to Military +1 Military Science
6 Noticed by a Patron +2 points to Combat Skills

Born in the Pits

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