The Blade

You have been trained in the way of combat, and assigned to watch over your squad with your blade held open. Not the most obvious potential member of your coterie, you nonetheless make sure your capability is recognizable.

Base Skills

  • 4 Points in Combat Skills
  • 2 Points into Stamina
  • 2 Points into Athletics
  • 1 Point in Preparedness
  • 1 Point in Sense Trouble

Appropriate Races

  • Gavrel have a reputation as combatants.
  • Volfaren are known hunters, often skilled in multiple weapon styles.


Die Roll Background Benefit (If Any)
1-2 Born in the Pits +1 Hand to Hand
3-4 Magistrate’s Scion +1 Stamina
5-6 Soldier’s Scion +1 Sword and Shield

The Blade

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