Magic Items


Magical Items are, at their most base, pieces of equipment or fashion that provide the wearer with a benefit to their natural abilities. This is done by means of a ritual that takes one hour per Investment (see below), and access to the materials and process of the ritual. Anyone with the Arcanist Ability is assumed to know this ritual.

Often times Magic Items are made to be expensive-looking and ornate affairs, but this is not a requirement. While they must be Crafted things (they cannot be simply rocks, or trees, or animals of any type), they do not require anything more than this. The more well-made the item is simply suggestive of how durable and long lasting it will be.

Magic Items are never of more than one type, and cannot contain more than one Ability. You cannot have a Bauble-Relic or a Relic-Artifact, the stronger Enchantment supplants the other. They also do not combine, the simpler Enchantment is merely dispelled. Also, they cannot carry more than one Ability in them, though they may carry any Ability, including Magical or Racial ones.

In addition, Magic Items can only be used one at a time, meaning the benefits of one cannot co-mingle with the benefits of another on a single action. One cannot burn a Bauble to enhance an Artifacts’ benefit, nor can they use two Artifacts; the most beneficial magic to the roll wins out.


When a magic item is created, the creator places into it an Investment; a portion of their Magical Essence or Spirit. This represents the initial pool of the item, and the repercussions on the creator are determined by the nature of the item.


A Bauble is a minor magical item that provides a finite resource that can be used in specific circumstances. Examples include:

  • A Ring that has a pool of Investment, that can only be used to seduce women
  • A Jerkin that has a pool of Investment, that can only be used to reduce the damage from Dagger strikes

Investment: The Creator invests 1 pool for every Investment in the item, from a related Ability. This returns at the rate of one point per (number of initial Investment) days of rest. So, someone creating a 1-Investment Bauble regains that back after a single day’s rest. Creating a 7-Investment Bauble, will result in 49 days of rest required.

Renewing: Baubles, by their nature, cannot be Enhanced or Renewed. They are designed to be easily thrown away and innocuous magical items.


Relics are more permanent magical items, that represent a still finite but renewable resource that can be used more broadly.

  • A Sword that contains an Investment that can be spent on Combat pools
  • Breeches that contain an Investment that can be spent on Athletics pools

Investment: A Relic is Created by investing 1 pool for every Investment in the item, similar to Baubles. However, this essence returns at a rate of months rather than days, 1 point returned for each (number of initial Investment) months of rest. Creating a 1-Investment Relic takes a month to recover from, a 7-Investment requires 49 months.

Renewing: Relics, however, are more stable creations. They renew at a rate of one per day back to their initial value.

Enhancing: A Relic can be Enhanced, by burning the stored Investment permanently, to provide additional permanent effects of an equal value. You could, for instance, burn 1-Investment to cause the aforementioned Sword to be ensconced in flame, doing +1 Damage on strikes.


The ultimate representation of the Magical Crafters, the Artifact is a thing of true power, but comes at a very real cost. They are a continuous resource, that provide benefits to any use of the associated Ability.

  • A Scepter that provides a bonus to the checks of the Law Ability
  • Spectacles that provide a bonus to Alchemy checks

Investment: An Artifact is created at the cost of the Creator. He permanently invests his own Abilities into the Artifact, and only regains them through naturally regaining them, by experience or training.

Renewing: Artifacts do not Renew, as the user does not spend pool from them.

Enhancing: Much like Relics, an Artifact can be Enhanced in the same way, with the same benefit for the same cost.

Magic Items

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